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Simply put, Village Gyrotonic is the absolute best! My body is stronger, leaner and less prone to injury, and my mind is calmer and more focused. Overall I am a happier person and this has everything to do with VG. From the moment I started seeing Desiree I knew I was in incredible hands. Joint pain I’d had for years began to dissipate and I started to actually look forward to exercising. Desiree's compassion and instinctive knowledge for exactly what my body (and mind!) need at any given moment is truly incredible. I walk out feeling rejuvenated, strong and happy, and this feeling stays with me until my next session. — Sherri L.

Village Gyrotonics is my sanctuary. My happy place. My temple. If I could go every single day I would. It’s become an integral part of my life and I look forward to going there more than just about anything.

This place changed my life!! I'd done Gyrotonic at other studios but none compare. The owner and trainers are so passionate and knowledgeable about Gyrotonic and the body. The studio is intimate and incredibly peaceful, a refuge in the city. I've taken classes and privates. The classes are small so you get lots of personal attention. The teachers here are not just trainers, they're healers and you can feel their commitment to Gyro and their clients. — Sarah B.

A wonderful place wonderful people serene way to get in shape. Lindsay is an awesome caring trainer. — Norman W

Desiree saved my life! I started doing Gyrotonic as a last attempt to alleviate the back pain I had been experiencing for two years! Two epidurals for a herniated L5S1 disc left me in a state of desperation. I started seeing Desiree and within two weeks my sciatica pain was gone and I noticed a significant difference in my posture and stance. — Miriam A

Beautiful space, beautiful people, and a wonderful vibe.  This is truly a sanctuary for the body; a place where one can escape the onslaught of New York City, and work to improve and repair the "self".  The trainers are all fantastic, well trained and professional, and the journey of gyrotonic is an experience that everyone, regardless of physical ability or injury, should have!! — Ray B

Knowledgable instructors, a relaxing environment - a really great place to learn and practice Gyrotonic.  My week would not be complete without it! — Dana K

Village Gyrotonic is the most incredible gyrotonics studio. The owner is so knowledgeable about the body and focuses each session on targeted muscles (especially muscles I have never used before). As a result, my hip, which has been causing me problems for a year, has strengthened, increased in flexibility, and the pain has greatly dissipated. I am so grateful to take sessions there. The owner is very positive and supportive. It is a top notch high quality, very clean facility with very experienced teachers. — Elyssa H.

​Village Gyrotonic helped me get my body back into a good flow.  My back and knees  bothered me for years and now feel much better  I've been going for two years and worked with two wonderful teachers there. Great energy! — Robert Hammond

Village Gyrotonic saved me.  Several years ago, following the fourth surgery to the exact same spot on my right shoulder, I remained in constant and excruciating pain.  My surgeon recommended that I quit my job as a tennis teaching professional, find a new line of work, and lead a "less active" lifestyle.

One of my assistant pros recommended Village Gyrotonic on Bedford Street.  I began working with owner, Esther Moreno.  After several weeks mobility increased and I experienced fleeting moments without pain.  After several months I realized that I was sleeping through the night and no longer rushing home for ice packs and Advil.

I have worked with all of the trainers at Village Gyrotonic.  Each one has exhibited the highest level of professionalism and expertise and offered unique insight to help me understand that movement does not come from one tiny, painful joint.  I learned from Village Gyrotonic that the body must work as a whole in order to let energy flow and allow the body to function efficiently.

​I continue teaching and playing tennis.  I have also taken up rock climbing, gone white water rafting, hiked Mount Whitney in California, cross country skied "The Great Race" in Lake Tahoe and ridden my road and mountain bikes thousands of miles.
I can't recommend Village Gyrotonic highly enough.  Esther and her team take the time to understand and design a program for every client.  They work regularly with everyone from elite athletes to artists to seniors to moms-to-be.  They have brought me from orthopedic catastrophe to - literally - mountaintops.

​Village Gyrotonic is a unique and magical place and one which I am forever grateful. — Chris W.

I have been doing Gyrotonic for a while and Esther the owner is great at helping you go deeper into your muscle creating my longer leaner body. It is healing and energizing for my body. There is a very good energy in the studio too from Esther who also does Mystic Healing here. My week wouldn't be complete without this. — Louise R.